‘Ramchandra Doesn’t Hold Gada’, Suryakanta Slams Dilip


Kolkata: Centering to Ramnavami, CPM State General Secretary Suryakanta Mishra on slamming BJP State President said, “ Dilip Ghosh was the ‘Ramchandra’. When he turned ‘Hanuman’ ?”

Dilip Ghosh declared that he will commence a rally on RamNavami with mace (Gada). In a press conferance Suryakanta Mishra said reacted, “ Since childhood we have seen Hanuman to hold mace (gada), not Ramchandra. Dilipbabu used to be the Ramchandra, when he turned Hanuman.”

‘রামচন্দ্র’র হাতে গদা থাকে না, দিলীপকে কটাক্ষ সূর্যকান্তর

Mishra has criticised Trinamool for their take on Ramnavami. TMC is observing Ramnavami from this year to stop hijacking the culture. The ruling party is not leaving a single space. On Tuesday Mamata Banerjee made a firm announcement that religious rally can not hold a rally with weapon, so on Ramnavami.

CPM State General Secretary said, “ Exaggeration on such issues started from 2014. Those who are in Hindu politics,they are supporting Trinamool now.”