Ram Rahim Is In State Of Shock After Honeypreet Goes Missing

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Chandigarh: Gurmeet Ram Rahim is sad man in jail these days. He is missing Honeypreet in prison, and things got worse once it was reported that Honeypreet is now absconding.

According to News24, on hearing this news, the rapist Baba is believed to have gone in state of shock. the fact missing Honeypreet is a major setback for the rapist as he had appealed to CBI court to allow Honeypreet remain with him in jail. However, court rejected the plea.

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Reportedly, it is said that Ram Rahim’s official plea for Honeypreet is that he needs him as his favourite caretaker is also his physiotherapist and masseuse. Now Haryana police has issued a lookout notice for Honeypreet. According to News24 Honeypreet has escaped with three men on a car.

Honeypreet is a divorcee and according to her estranged husband, Ram Rahim and Honeypreet have sexual relations, and the father-daughter story is farce. However, Dera denies these charges. According to Dera, the father-daughter wanted to live together in jail after Ram Rahim was convicted.

Meanwhile, Honeypreet has been charged of hatching a conspiracy to flee with Ram Rahim, immediately after the later was convicted by court.