Ram Navami Violence: Babul Supriyo Files Counter-FIR


Asansol: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Babul Supriyo has filed a counter-FIR in response to the one lodged against him for assaulting a police officer.

“Had registered an FIR against the police officer who assaulted me,” said the BJP leader after he was booked for assaulting an officer and violating Sec 144 in Asansol, where the situation continued to remain tense over a Ram Navami procession.

As some people approached him, news channels showed Supriyo telling them, “Aami ki apnader ke bolbo lorai koro? Ami chole jabo, apnader opor goli cholbe (Will I ask you to fight? I will leave and you will come under fire).” But when a person asked him to “go back” and leave them alone, Supriyo was heard shouting, “Chamra guthiye debo ekdom… (Will skin them alive).”

The leader accused the officer of assaulting him while being barred entry into the violence-hit areas. Earlier in the day, Supriyo said that the state administration, including the police and the district magistrate, was acting like the Trinamool Congress cadres and was doing nothing to take stock of the current situation.

Clashes broke out over a Ram Navami procession in Raniganj on Monday, leaving one person, Chhote Yadav, 35, dead and several police officers injured. It spread to neighbouring Asansol the next day, where a 16-year-old youth, Sibtulla Rashidi, was killed.

On Sunday, two other people, S K Sahjahan in Purulia and Maqsood Khan in Kankinara, were killed in violence triggered by Ram Navami processions. Following the continued violence, Section 144 was imposed in Asansol, on March 28.