Ram Madhav In Srinagar, Meets Party Members


Srinagar: Ram Madhav in Srinagar after meeting party members said that, “We have decided to contest elections in the state, we consulted all the party leadership. NC and PDP are opportunist parties, they didn’t boycott elections in Kargil when Article-35 A was in SC. It is very unfortunate that they are staying away to fail the democratic process. We appeal both parties to rethink about their decision.”

“Militants have always tried to take away democratic rights of the people in J&K. ”

On article 35-A, Madhav said, “The matter is in SC, let the SC decide.” On Govt formation, Madhav added, “We have said that we wouldn’t form any Govt at the moment.”

On Governor, Ram Madhav said, “He will engage with all political parties, he has in
fact met everyone and has given them time.”