Rakhi Sawant’s MMS Video Leaked Online, Goes Viral


Mumbai: Controversies favourite child Rakhi Sawant is back in news and obviously for all wrong reasons yet again. The drama queen’s MMS video is going viral which has her wearing two piece and changing her wardrobe. The origin and the source of the video is yet to be discovered, but all we can say by this leaked video of the controversial queen has managed to give her all the spotlight.

Also Rakhi has been trending since morning today by making a demeaning statement on Sunny Leone. Well Ram Gopal Varma who is another jerk on this earth made an insulting comment on Sunny Leone saying that every woman should keep a man happy like Sunny does. “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”.
To which Ms Sawant had her most annoying opinion, “Whatever Ram Gopal Varma said is right. I am with him, where he has praised Sunny Leone. I would also like to say that every woman, as said by Ram Gopal Varma, should learn to give pleasure. Women should let go their responsibilities of kitchen and should take coaching classes of how to give pleasure.” Seriously Rakhi this is height of nonsense. I mean it’s high time you should learn to filter while talking or rather keep your mouth shut.

Also coming back to her leaked video Rakhi claims that she is NOT in the video, while talking to BollywoodLife.com , she said, “This is not me,” she exclaimed. “Someone has morphed my face, and has been spreading it on WhatsApp?