Rajnath’s Twitter Handle Turns Bengali


Kolkata: There is a saying ‘When You Are In Rome Be Roman’. May be this is the reason behind changing his Twitter handle from ‘Rajnath Singh to ‘রাজনাথ সিংহ’. Language, one of the intense mantra to get into the regional minds.

He is in Kolkata on two days visit. The change comes at a time when Singh is on a two-day visit of West Bengal, during which he will attend a meeting of the Eastern Zonal Council.

Normally, Rajnath Singh’s personal Twitter handle displays his name in Hindi. But for his visit to West Bengal, he has changed it to Bengali. Rajanth Singh has 11.6 million followers.

This is not the first time that the home minister has gone vernacular for his name on Twitter. In the past one month, there have been several instances when he chose to write his name in regional languages. But mostly it continues Hindi and English.

The gesture has been welcomed by his followers on Twitter and they seem to be praising him for embracing other languages. The move appears to be an effort to connect with people from different parts of the country and writing name in their language definitely helps in reaching out.

The meeting on integrated security system of Eastern Zonal Council held on Monday morning at Nabanna where officials and ministers of Bihar, Odisha, Jahrkhand were present. All the probable issues have been discussed.

The political concerns are saying that to aim and impress the West Bengal people and strengthen the base of saffron camp. So it is just a diplomatic move towards that.