Rajnath Proposes investigative units on crime against women


New Delhi: The Ministry of Home Affairs has proposes to set up Investigative Units on Crimes against Women , in 20% of the districts of each State on a 50:50 cost sharing basis with the states.
The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has written to the Chief Minister of the States that there is a need to strengthen various elements of the criminal justice system, namely, Investigation, Prosecution and Trials by courts to deal with the issue of rise of crimes against women.

MHA has also proposed to set up 150 such units initially on pilot basis in most crime prone districts of each state.

Elaborating such units, the Home Minister mentioned that these units may consist of 15 personnel, preferably five of them women.

The states will have full flexibility on whether to create new posts or to designate from the existing strength.

This will involve a total expenditure of Rs. 84 crore annually, out of which Rs. 42 crore will be provided by the Centre.

Source: DD news