Rajkahini reveals the firstlook of the ‘Rajkanyas’


Kolkata: 2014 was a very good year for Bengali cinema, though not in terms of business but in terms of quality films. From 2010 Bengali movie lovers got an amazing director Srijit Mukherjee, who has changed the language of the lens completely. Starting with his debut movie, ‘Autograph’ an all-new story-teller was born to the audience. Mukherjee’s ‘Baishe Shrabon’ added flavor and provided new scope to prove himself that he is in the business and he’s not going to fall back. His story of ‘Hemlock Society’ was intoxicating. Then from Mishawr Rahasya’s Hani Alqayidi to Jaatishar’s Kushal Hazra and then finally the Henry Islands’ mystery in Chatushkone took the cine lovers for a treat in Bengali cinema.

Kolkata: Srijit Mukherjee is all set for wooing us in his two 2015 releases namely ‘Nirbaak’ which starts Sushmita Sen in a leading role. But the talk of the town is his most ambitious project till date, ‘RajKahini’.‘Raj Kahini’ a male dominative Periodic Drama or a Woman-centric release! The humongous question must be giving a trouble to your mind. Or it is hand to hand equal right for men-women movie? Well, the answer is ‘No’. Srijit offers a picture of 1947. He casts in his period drama the following ladies, Lily Chakroborty as Kawmola Thamma, Parno Mitra as Golaap, Jaya Ashan as Rubina, Priyanka Sarkar as Lata, Sudipta Chokroborty as Juthika, Sohini Sarkar as Duli, Sayani Ghosh as Koli, Dhritiman Ghosh, Ridhima Ghosh as Fatima, Ditipriya Roy as Bnuchki, Ena Saha as Banno. He literally stated these names with one long breath. Koushik Sen as Llias, Abir chottopadhay as Master, Jisshu Sengupta as Kabir, Nigel Akara as Salim, Kanchan Mallick as Sashikanta, Rudranil Ghosh as Sujan, Rajatabha Dutta as Nawab, Saswato Chatterjee as Praphullo, Biswajit Chokroborty as Akhtar and others. It is not even surprising to see a whole lot of people in a movie playing pulling off their part.rajkahini_male

The director seems to like hiding things with a silent promise in his mind. Raj Kahini revolves around a pre-independence drama based on the adopted Book ‘RajKahini’ by AbanindraNath Tagore. The cinelovers are sure to get a flavor of the Harems of ancient India in the movie.

An article by Riya Siddharcharjee