Rajiv Mohan deported to India following terror link ups

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New Delhi: Following terror link ups, China late on Friday deported the lone Indian arrested on unspecified charges in Inner Mongolia, bringing to an end 72 hours of hard negotiations between Indian diplomats and local officials who caught him with 19 other foreigners for allegedly watching banned videos. The fate of the remaining three South African citizens remains unknown.

RM Kulshreshta was put up on a late flight on Friday night with Indian officials escorting from the city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia in northern China.The charges against 46-year-old Kulshrehta, a garment businessman, remain unspecified.

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“We are still trying to find out what the charges are against him,” an Indian official claimed.The focus was to get him released, officials said.The Indian embassy here released a statement announcing the decision by the Chinese government.