IPL 8: Rajeev Shukla chairman, Dada in GC


Mumbai:Splashing water to all speculations, BCCI appoints Rajeev Shukla as the chairman of Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council. This is Shukla’s second innings as he was also the chairman of IPL in 2012. After the incidents of spot fixing, Shukla left his position and was replaced by Ranjib Biswal. Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri were also included in the governing council.

The names of Sourav Ganguly, Ajay Shirke and Ranjib Biswal were doing the rounds. But with no solution in sight, BCCI picked Shukla as a consensus candidate.

Earlier, Shukla was in line for a top BCCI post, but he had lost the BCCI elections for the treasurer’s post to Anirudh Chaudhary.

Technically, BCCI should have appointed the IPL chairman and the members of the governing council (GC) on the day its AGM was held last month. But they couldn’t reach a decision then.

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