Rajeev Kumar Got Audio Tape By ‘Tapping Phone’, Counters BJP


Kolkata: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reacted strongly over former Kolkata Commissioner of Police Rajeev Kumar for saying to the apex court that he has been targeted by the CBI as part of the larger conspiracy between two BJP leaders in the Saradha chit fund case.

The BJP party said that Rajeev Kumar’s allegations are based on the audio clip where Kumar claimed that Kailash Vijayvargiya and Mukul Roy can be heard talking of ‘targeting few police officers.’ But the party questioned that how did the former top-cop get hold of the audio tape. They counter-attacked saying that being the Kolkata Police Commissioner, he ‘tapped’ the telephone of BJP leaders. The party has termed it as immoral.

Former Kolkata Police commissioner Rajeev Kumar on Monday told the Supreme Court that he has been targetted by the CBI as part of the larger conspiracy between two BJP leaders in the Saradha chit fund case.

Kumar in his affidavit named BJP leaders Mukul Roy and Kailash Vijyawargiya behind the larger conspiracy and told the apex court that an audio clip is available in public domain where they clearly speak of “targeting” a few “police officers”.

“The sudden inexplicable turn by the petitioner/ CBI in pointing out problems with the investigation and targeting the alleged contemnor seems to be borne out of a larger conspiracy between two senior leaders Mukul Roy and Kailash Vijaywargiya of BJP, the ruling party at the centre,” the affidavit said.

On this, BJP vice-president Jayprakash Majumder said, “Where did Rajeev Kumar get the audio tape from. He was the Kolkata Police Commissioner then. On the orders of Mamata Banerjee, he tapped the phones of BJP leaders.”

Majumder further added, “It is personal if a person is talking to another individual and is speaking ill or good about someone. But it is hilarious if such a conversation is tapped and mentioned in the court. The Supreme Court told CBI that the allegations brought against Rajeev Kumar are extemely serious. The CBI is investigating and doing their work. How is the BJP coming in between?”

Majumder said, “Rajeev left all the prime accused in the Sarada case and arrested Kunal Ghosh. Kunal said that he was arrested as the result of vengeance. There are accusations against this police officer for the loss of evidence.”