Rajasthan Man, Nephews Arrested For Spying For Pakistan


Jaipur: A man and his two nephews were apprehended today from Rajasthan’s Barmer and Jodhpur districts for allegedly spying for Pakistan’s ISI for the past few years.

The three had been on the radar of intelligence agencies after their names emerged during the interrogation of another spy, Haji Khan, who was arrested in February from Jaisalmer district.

According to Army Intelligence sources, those apprehended have been identified as Santosh alias Satram Maheshwari, a Pakistani migrant from Sarupe Ka Tala village in Barmer, and his two nephews Vinod Maheshwari and Sunil Maheshwari, from Ratanada area of Jodhpur.

Maheshwari was active in the illicit liquor trade for the past few years and had later come into contact with Haji Khan who made him the part of the budding spying network in the bordering region.

According to the sources, Maheshwari, who has travelled to Pakistan several times by the Thar Express, has shared information pertaining to the Army, Air Force and BSF including their movements and operations, and maps of the border areas with camping sites of Army units.

Both nephews live in Jodhpur and work in a cloth shop, and are said to have been assisting their uncle in gathering information and sharing it with Pakistani handlers.

All the three are being rigorously interrogated in Jodhpur and will soon be taken to Jaipur for further interrogation.

Agencies have also recovered some documents from Maheshwari and have been trying to extract information about other members of the spying ring and the information, shared by him with the Pakistani handlers so far.