Rajan to be Deported Tonight, Says Senior Interpol Officer


Bali: Underworld don Chhota Rajan’s is likely to be deported to India on Thursday night as air services resumed at the Bali airport. Rajan’s deportation has been delayed for two days after Indonesia closed the international airport, due to spewing of volcanic ash from a nearby mountain. A special team of CBI and Mumbai police is in Bali to oversee the deportation and bring Rajan to India.

Yanuri Insan, Senior Interpol officer, Jakarta said that Chhota Rajan will be deported on Thursday night as the weather is clear. He said that will be escorted by special forces. He said that all of Chhota Rajan’s belongings will be handed over to Interpol India. He said that the entire process will be monitored until it is handed over to Interpol India.

Earlier, talking to media Home minister Rajnath Singh said that Rajan will be back in India very soon. Rajan, 55, was scheduled to be deported to India by a special aircraft last night but it was deferred for a day due to volcanic eruption. He continues to be in detention at Denpasar. Local authorities had closed the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali late on Tuesday due to a large ash cloud drifting from Mount Rinjani, an active volcano on a nearby island. Indian officials said the Indonesian authorities had extended full support in the process.

It is expected that Chota Rajan, who was arrested in this popular tourist town on his arrival from Australia on October 25, would be deported on Thursday if conditions allow, sources said. Indian agencies have been keen to enable Chhota Rajan’s deportation at the earliest and had put in a request to Indonesian authorities on Sunday, sources said. Formalities for deportation have been almost completed, they said.

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