Raj-Subhasree: A New Journey Begins


Staff Reporter, Kolkata: After so many speculations, Raj-Subhasree are now engaged. According to the sources, director Raj Chakraborty and actress Subhasree Gangopadhyay, engaged on Tuesday evening, at Arbana Complex(near Ruby), in presence of few close friends.

Years back, Raj came to Kolkata from his hometown, Halisahar, and Subhashree, from Burdwan. As a director and an actor, both starts their career in 2008. After so many years, after lots of rumours, they found themselves, and finally locked in each other’s arms on 6th March, 2018.

According to the source, they are going to tie the knot on 11th May, this year. Here r few tweets about Raj and Subhasree’s engagement, take a look.

A few pictures of this happy moment just for Raj-Subhasree’s fans…