‘Rains & Not Fire Tenders, Could Save Bagri’


Kolkata: Thirteen hours have passed by, but the fire tending officials are finding
it much difficult to douse the flames which have already gutted thousands of shops
in the Bagri market. According to the locals, the ladder which was brought in did
not work. Hence, supplying water in the top floors became a difficult work.

Water was being given using pipes by standing atop the fire engines. Desperate
efforts are underway to douse the flames. But the locals believe that fire tending
officials will not be able to douse the flames as they did not bring hydraulic
ladder for which water could not be given to the top floors.

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By standing atop engines also, water cannot be sent 12-15 feet above. The building
is a 5-storey one. The locals alleged that since water could not be sent to the top
floor, hence the temperature is increasing there.

Cracks can be seen in the building already which are worrying the fire tending
officials and the locals. The building can collapse any moment due to extreme heat.

Rejecting claims by locals on not bringing hydraulic ladders, Mayor Sovan
Chatterjee clearly said that it is impossible to bring hydraulic ladder due to

The locals, hence, believe that only heavy rains could douse the flames.

Sound of explosion from inside the building are still coming causing panic to
hundreds of locals who are present at the spot. Those who have lost everything in
the fire are praying for heavy rain which could douse the flames.

Reported By: Debjani Sarjar
Edited By: Saheli Dey