Rain May Ruin Puja Mood


Haldia: During last 24 hours, Gangetic West Bengal has received light to moderate rains with isolated places receiving heavy rains due to Cyclone Daye. The city of joy is eagerly waiting for the most awaited festival of the year, Durga Puja. However, looks like rain gods have something different in store.

The streets of Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal are already flooded with people for shopping and other preparations for welcoming Goddess Durga. All Puja committees are now busy to make Puja pandals. Rain may play spoilsport during Durga Puja this year as light to moderate rain hit bengal on Wednesday morning.

Along with the district, Haldia block will also do big budget Pujas. So most of the Puja committee have started working on preparing the Mandap decoration. But due to rain, the Pandal decoration is interrupted. There is one Knee water in the Mandape Mandap. 15 to 20 major budgets Pujas will held in the Mahisadal block. Among them, Myco Club, Mahishadal Sporting Club, Mohishad Bullet Club, Saathi, Anubay, Parijat, Sunday are there.

Chobilal Maiti, secretary of Mahishadal Myco Club, said that “we do theme pujas in the last 40 years. This year “Let’s Go Rajasthan” is our theme. Though the work started but I was worried because of rain. There is a possibility of rain in the eastern part of Puja. We all are very concerned about it.”

Anirban Acharya and Tufan Adhikari, one of the members of Mahishandal Spotting Club, said that our Puja has entered 19th year this year. But due to rain we were worried.