Rain Dampens Maha Saptami Morning


Kolkata: People are all filled with joy and enthusiasm as Maha Saptami is celebrated in Kolkata and west Bengal today. Maha Saptami ushers in immense feelings of joy and warmth to the heart of people especially the Bengalis. The weather office has forecasted that there will no rains in this festival but the cats and dogs started from the morning and dampens the festivity. People hope that this rain will stop quickly and they again go to the pandals to see the puja. All puja committee now hope for the shiny sky.

On the other hand a fraction of pandal hoppers seems not be bothered about the drizzle. The lovely weather gives extra boost to the lovers. But this rain may give jolt to the organizers of the puja mondaps. The organizers hope that the rain may stop and the shiny sky may appear quickly on the day. People dressed in colorful new clothes in ‘pandalhopping’ from the eve of Maha Saptami to witness various Durga idols. Let people bury their sorrow in the sounds of Dhak.

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