Railways To Increase Platform Height After Bidhannagar Passengers Complain


Kolkata: Paying heed to the complaints made by daily commuters of the Bidhannagar
railway station, the railway authorities have decided to raise the platform levels in stations which fall under the Sealdah division.

Passengers regularly complain about the difficulty in boarding the trains due to low height platforms. Several have gone under the wheels of the train while trying to board and de-board the trains. Many were left injured too. The passengers at Bidhannagar station said that even on Friday a major mishap could have occurred if the train would have left.

According to rules by the railways, the height of a platform should be 840 mm. The
space between the platform and train should be 95 cm. The platforms at Sealdah are
old. The heights have been increased to 30-40 cm. The height of a platform can be
raised upto 920 mm.

Ravi Mahapatra, PRO of East Railways, said, “Already the work for 54 platforms under the Sealdah division have begun. It includes stations which come after Barrackpore station. Work has been started at Sealdah north and south section too. We hope that the work for platforms which fall in between Sealdah and Barrackpore, will begin by Puja. Of course, Bidhannagar station will be included too.”