‘Railways Reverse Auction Will Save Rs 20,000 Crore Annually’


New Delhi: To ensure substantial savings for Indian Railways, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has advocated implementation of electronic reverse auction (ERA) for all high value procurements which will result in a 10 percent saving in costs and a total saving of up to Rs 20,000 crores in procurement .

Keen to ensure transparency, ease of doing business and prevent monopolisation by cartels in the Indian Railways through ERA, this fresh initiative is expected to secure substantial savings for the sector . Currently, Indian Railways has an annual total capex of Rs .1, 50, 000 crore .

Additionally, Indian Railways procures goods worth Rs 50,000 crores annually for the production and maintenance of rolling stock, passenger and goods, services and other safety related works .

The implementation of ERA for all high value procurement including the supply of goods, services as well as projects and works, is expected to improve transparency and competitive bidding . Electronic Reverse Auction will also provide a level playing field to the industry engaged in supply of goods, services and works .

Buyers will also save time and money as all the bids arrive in the same format, which simplifies comparison . Lastly, EPA will prevent the formation of cartels, thus preventing the alteration of prices .

CRIS, the IT wing of Indian Railways has developed a new software for adoption . The software will be easy to operate by all without charging any fee . It will also cover Government of India Policy initiatives such as “Make in India Policy” and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) .

As per Railway Board guidelines, purchase through reverse auction (RA) shall be the preferred method for procurement of stores tenders valued at more than Rs .10 crores, and for works and services for tenders valued higher than Rs . 50 crores in each case . However, it notified that the process would be followed only when at least three approved vendors or three proven/likely competitive sources would be present and financial bids are undertaken in single currency/parameter .