Railways To Install Video Cameras In Train Engines


New Delhi: The Indian Railways in its efforts to control train accidents has decided to install video cameras with face-recognition software connected to an alarm system in train engines, a report has said. It will alert the control centre in case drivers fall asleep. This new technology has been developed by Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi.

The Loco Cab Video and Voice Recording System (LCVR) consists of microphones, video cameras, digital video recorder and will be used for analysis after accidents. The face recognition software will also sound an alarm in the loco cab and also traffic control centres about imminent safety risks. Apart from the LCVR technology, Diesel Locomotive Works has also come out with a system to monitor locomotives across the country, the report further said.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu had recently made an appeal to world players to jointly develop new technology in partnership with the Indian Railways in order to meet emerging needs of the rail sector across the globe. He had also called for the adoption of latest technology suitable for safety upgrade in Railways in a cost- effective way, a PTI report had said.

“We must take concrete steps to draw a clear-cut road map for the upgrading of technology as a solution to the problems in the Railways,” he was quoted to have said by the news agency at a global technology conference in the national capital.