Railways Expressed Doubt Over Proposed Rail Crossing At Majerhat Bridge Collapse Site


Kolkata: The Eastern Railway expressed great concern over proposed Rail crossing at Majerhat bridge collapse site. Railway authorities said that if the level crossing formed then train movement on the route can be hampered. According to sources, Within a few days, they will make a final decision on this issue and will submit report to the State Government.

A big question has been raised that whether the bridge will be rebuilt or the old bridge will be repaired. But due to the collapse of the bridge, daily commuters suffered very much.
The state government has planned to make level crossings beside Majerhat bridge.

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Government officials estimated that if level crossing will be made then there will be less problems at traffic in south. PWB has already proposed to construct the railway crossing at collapse site to avoid traffic snarls. For that reason, PWD will have to construct a 200 meter road. The gate should be set on both sides of the road. On Thursday, General Manager of Eastern Railway Harindra Rao has indicated that there may be a problem if the level crossing constructed.

Apart from this, the Kolkata Police is going to take help from IIT Kharagpur in Majerhat bridge tragedy.In a bid to finalise construction of an alternate route to ensure smooth movement of traffic a visit will be carried out at the site by senior officials.

Already the state government and the urban development department are monitoring the situation. Alternatives ways are already discussed in Nabanna. State plans of a road ​​over the canal.