Railways Accident In China, 6 Dead

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Beijing: At least six persons have been killed when they were hit by a freight train while working at a railway station in central China’s Henan province.

The train hit the workers at Anyang Railway Station on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway yesterday, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau.

Two of the victims were employees of the railway bureau while the other four were migrant workers, state-run Xinhua news agency reported today.

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An investigation into the accident is underway.

This is the second train accident this year.

According to the State Administration of Work Safety regulator, three people were killed in a rail accident in May this year.

The last big railway accident took place Wenzhou in 2011 when 40 people were killed 191 injured in high-speed train crash.

China has gone for extensive modernisation of its railways in the last ten years laying over 20,000 kms of high-speed train network connecting most of the cities and plans are afoot to add another 10,000 kms by 2020.

China is also aggressively marketing its high-speed train technology including in India where it has undertaken feasibility study for New Delhi-Chennai corridor.