Railway undergoes major shift


New Delhi: The upcoming Rail Budget is going to bring a major shift, especially in the present structure of coach allotment for the long distance trains. Railway is planning to include a greater number of the AC-3 coaches in the long distance trains, as these are the only coaches which generating profit. According to railway, the sale of tickets from Sleeper Class to First Class is incurring revenue loss.

For every passenger travelling in First-class coaches had to bear a cost of Rs 3.28, while only Rs 1.00 is generated as revenue. On the other hand, in the AC-3 cars railway is getting a profit of seven paisa per head.

The committee under DK Mittal advised in the report, that coach numbers should be increased according to the demand in the long distance trains. The report prescribed to increase the coach numbers by a minimum quantity of 21, which can be eventually increased to 28, and priority should be given to the AC-3 coaches. It has also recommended the withdrawal of the First Class coaches.
The Rail Minister is expected to bring a major change in the coach set up as prescribed in the report.