Railway To Investigate Santragachi Station Stampede Incident


Kolkata: Railway authority has announced that an investigation will be followed by the Santragachi station stampede incident. A committee will be made comprising all the department heads of Railways.

Railways authority has assured that it will bear the entire cost of treatment of the injured passengers.

Two people were killed, and fourteen people were injured in the incident that took place on Tuesday.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has rushed to Santragachi railway station soon after the stampede incident took place on Tuesday evening and blamed railway responsibility in this incident.

The stampede occurred around 6 p.m when the commuters hurriedly tried to cross the foot over-bridge between two platforms following an announcement of three trains coming simultaneously on three adjacent tracks, according to source.

Talking on the incident, she added, “Despite of generating huge revenue, they are negligent. Infrastructural malfunctions are there. Passengers have been taken for granted and they are reluctant on the necessary security measures of the passengers.”

The commuters tried to cross the foot bridge in hurry following the wrong announcement. Reportedly, two have died and sixteen people are admitted to Howrah hospital. CM Mamata has visited the spot then the hospital to meet the injured people.

Explaining the incident, she announced one lakh for the injured people and five lakh to the deceased family who lost their close one in the mishap. The state government has assured that an investigation will be followed by the incident. She also assured help if railway authority asks.