Railway Declines State’s Request For 2 Level Crossing In Majherhat


Kolkata: The Eastern Railway authority on Tuesday has cleared out to the state government that it is not possible to construct two level crossings in Majherhat. The railway department said, it is not possible to make level crossings beside the Majherhat bridge.Instead of two, the railway department is permitted to built only one level crossing in this area. However, the Eastern Railway will still consult with Railway Board and Railway Ministry. There will be also possibilities of multiple trains cancellation to built the level crossing. The Eastern Railway informs state government.

After the tragic incident of Majherhaat bridge collapse, the Mamata Banerjee government had requested the Railway Board to help set up two level crossings as an alternative route, citing the exceptional situation. A special team of railway has probed the matter last week to find out whether the proposal could be implemented at all. On this day the officials of Purtya department and police were also present there.

Railway has clarified that it is not possible to built two level crossings on this route. Moreover, it will take at nearly six months to create this new level crossing. There are more than 80 trains that run in Sealdah-Budge Budge section. There are also goods train that arrives frequently. So the new construction of level crossing will hamper the movement of the train causing delay. The railway will come to a conclusion after studying the entire matter.