Railway Blocked At Kharagpur-Tata Route Demanding Recruitment Of Teachers


Jhargram: The Majhimarowa community has blocked the train in the Kharagpur-Tata route on Monday morning. Earlier, several Santhal organizations including Bharat Jakat Majhi Pargana Mahal had organized protests in different places across Jhargram, including Jangalmahal, for the development in various areas of Santhal society including recruitment of Alochi font (Santhali language) teacher.

The Bharat Jakat Majhi Pargana Mahal in addition to the teacher’s appointment also have numbers of academic demands that includes – All teachers who wish to be educated by government orders should be brought to Santhali medium schools. Removal of indigenous certificates from the non-tribals and expel them from the reserved seats of the tribes. The fifth Schedule Act to be introduced in the constitution. No political reshuffle of Santhal workers.

Beside Jhargram, the impact of the bandh has also affected areas of West Midnapore. Road have been blocked in Ghatal Chandrakona. The NH-60 also been blocked. Trains services disrupted at Kharagpur station. Local train service at Belda have been blocked.