Rail Track Displacement Stops Train


Jalpaiguri: A major train accident was averted near Mainaguri in Jalpaiguri district on Tuesday when some workers who were engaged in laying a second track found that the alignment of a stretch of the iron rail had shifted.

They immediately stopped train movement by informing officials of Jalpaiguri Road and New Mainaguri stations.

“The work of laying the second railway track is going on near an over-bridge in Mainaguri. The mechanical engineering staff and workers engaged by railway contractors who were using a vibrating machine first spotted that alignment of the rail has shifted probably because of vibration.

They immediately informed the station managers of Jalpaiguri Road and New Mainaguri, who stopped train movement in the area for over an hour,” said Upendranath Narjinary, the senior section engineer of New Mainaguri.

The incident happened around 10.30am, half an hour before a Dibrugarh-bound passenger train from New Jalpaiguri was supposed to cross the stretch.

“We stopped the train at Raninagar and after the iron rail was aligned in the original position, train movement resumed around 12noon. However, we have put a speed restriction of 30km per hour in the stretch to avoid any derailment,” the official added.