Rail Blockade Disrupts Train Service In Sealdah Main Line


Barrackpore: The train service in Sealdah main line has been disrupted on Monday. Few locals held a blockade at Barrackpore station area in between the rail track which halted the train service.

On the first day of the week, the incident has sparked agitation for the office goers. In both side, the train service has been interrupted for two hours.

Passengers get into a troublesome situation in the early morning. But it has no connection with Indian Railway.

Few days ago, a nursery girl has been sexually assaulted by a teacher of her school. The accused teacher is a teacher of Physical Education. Police has arrested him day after the incident.

The group of parents have held blockade with set of allegation of students. They demanded women teacher in school and said that the school has to ensure that the accused teacher would not be reappointed in the school. CCTV has to installed in several parts of the school for strict vigilance.