Raigunj Trinamool Office Vandalized


Raigunj: Vandalism at Raigunj’s Trinamool Office in Chaitali Club area on Saturday after unidentified persons broke in at the office at night and teared up pictures of Chief Ministers Mamata Banerjee and flags of Trinamool and damaged other office property, said sources.

This incident has led to unrest at the area. The members were shocked to see the damaged condition of the office early in the morning. All the members of the club were assembled after they received information.

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Chaitali Club’s Secretary Deepak Saha said, some days back they had they joined Trinamool Congress from National Congress. It is possible that Congress and CPM sheltered goons have done this. The club members demand immediate action to be taken.

Police have rushed to the spot. According to IC of Raigunj Police station, Gautam Chakraborty, they have received a complaint from Chaitali Club. They are investing the case.