Raigunj Institute Organizes Blood Donation Camp


Raigunj: To deal with shortage of blood supply, members of Raigunj institute has taken a step forward by organizing a blood donation camp on Wednesday. The excitement of the general public regarding the blood donation camp was noticeable.

Raigunj Institute’s president and educationist Sushil Goswami has said, Besides cultural excercises, they have also initiated blood donation as a social welfare. To meet the shortage of blood bank 50 persons have voluntarily donated blood.

The large percentage of people around the world suffers from complex blood disorders like Leukemia and thalassemia. Due to shortage of blood supply lots of children as well as youth have to succumb to death constantly. Even our country has to face this shortage in curing such complex disorders. There is a huge shortage also in Raigunj hospital’s blood bank.