Raiganj Tense On Fear Of Tribal Protest


Raiganj: On the early morning of Tuesday the Tribals of Raiganj creates panic among the locals which witnessed the virtual shutdown on the city. The local shops are also closed.

ফের আদিবাসী আন্দোলনের আতঙ্কে শুনশান রায়গঞ্জ

Earlier nearly ten thousand of tribals in Raiganj has launched a protest rally on demanding the arrest of the assailants who allegedly raped and assaulted four tribal women on July 9th.

The protesters have set the bus stand and few shops ablaze and have reportedly heralded the local police station. They broke the police barricade and vandalised few properties.

The tribals have blocked road along the Siliguri more. The local businessmen are disgruntled with the massive loss of properties and they sounded the police station.
BJP had called for a district wide strike on July 9th. The women were allegedly raped in the Raigunj Bus Stand.

Among the six assailants, three have been nabbed. Three more are absconding. The tribals demand their immediate arrest and took the violent way.