Rahul wants a compensation of 10lakh for the Parui victim


Kolkata: A 5 membered team of BJP lead by Rahul Sinha has met the Governor of Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi in demand of proper action against the policemen who were alleged to carry out the inhuman torture on the woman at Parui. After a meeting with the Governor, Rahul Sinha addressed the press and said that he is hopeful after discussing the barbaric incident with the Governor that proper action will be taken against the accused policemen.

Sinha said that the Guv had brought the issue under the notice of the DG, police and has ensured the suspension of those three policemen. He went on to say that the state government should also interfere in the matter and take necessary steps against the accused. Being a woman by herself, the Chief Minister of the State, Mamata Banerjee must also look into the matter and stand by the victimized woman. She must also take necessary steps to restore law and order in her state, added Rahul.

Rahul had demanded a compensation of ten lakhs to the state government for the tortured woman of Parui. He also said that it is a critical juncture where the state government is presently standing. Hence, every step the government takes will be closely scrutinized by the people of West Bengal.

Rahul Sinha has brought the incident under the notice of the Central Government and is hopeful for their interference as it is an incident of restoring law and order within the state. Indirectly, Sinha has even hurled a challenge towards TMC regarding their action in maintaining composure within the state.

Rahul Sinha was accompanied by another star-member of the saffron brigade, Roopa Ganguly. “The incident is not acceptable under any condition”, said Roopa. She even called the barbaric incident as a pitiful one.