Rahul tries to add political-colour to Disha’s murder


Kolkata: It has not been a week since Disha Ganguly, the upcoming actress of Tollywood has passed away. According to the primary forensic report, Disha is said to have committed suicide, feels the officials. But ahead of the KMC polls, the state president of BJP, Rahul Sinha was seen at trying to add colour to the sad demise of the ‘Tumi Ashbe Bole’ actress, Disha.

On meeting the press at a conference on Monday, Rahul Sinha raised question on the on going investigation of Disha Ganguly’s death. His directed statements expressed nothing but putting the ruling government and the police under scanner. He has even claimed that some of the messages in Disha’s inbox is said to have been deleted by the oficers. It was evident from Rahul’s words that ahead of the polls, the oppositions are undoubtedly trying to make the death of the actress a certain political issue. Now it is to be seen, on what grounds they attack the people in power and what sub layers they try to bring out of the sad demise of Disha Ganguly.

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