Rahul terms Business Summit Baseless


Kolkata:   BJP state President Rahul Sinha today attacked Mamata Banerjee’s  government on industrial meets.  Bengal global business summit is scheduled  to  be held  on 7-8 January. As a curtain raiser, a dinner party has been organized today at Eco-park.

Speaking at a press conference, Sinha rubbished all the attempts of the government to industrialize the state. He said, “The Government does not have any aims. It is undertaking projects without planning. The situation is not at all proper for industrialization in the state.”

He also alleged that the government is ruining the public money uselessly. comparing the Vibrant Gujarat with Bengal Global Business Summit he took on the state Government. According to Sinha, this way no investment will come in the state. It is nothing but eye-wash to the people.

He added, “The event is going to be as useless as CM’s Singapore trip since the government is not taking any positive step for industrialization. The government is giving a wrong message to the investors who are coming to invest in the state”.

When the Government is desperately trying to bring in investment to the state before the assembly polls next year, BJP which is gradually increasing its hold in the state is trying its opposing measures to counter the Government. How far the summit will be successful or whether Sinha’s forecast will come true, will be known only after the summit concludes on 8 January.