Rahul slams Modi’s ‘Make in India’, opposition calls it drama


New Delhi: A transformed Rahul Gandhi, shedding his incompetent slumber after the sabbatical, delivered salvos after salvos targeting the Narendra Modi government, over the land bill and farmer suicide issue on Wednesday at the parliament.

Slamming Modi’s Make in India initiative, Rahul said it is only for crony capitalists. He asked, “Is Make in India not about poor farmers. Is Make in India only for crony capitalists?”

Rahul in his speech in the Lok Sabha who visited Punjab on Tuesday said that, “The Prime Minister, who is now on an India tour, should go to Punjab, should visit the Mandis and see ground situation.”

On the other hand criticizing Rahul Food Processing minister Ram Vilas Paswan said when Rahul was busy vacationing, it was Modi government standing farm at the side of grief stricken farmers.

Charging the Congress Party with destroying the country, BJP spokesman Sambit Patra said, “Those who have destroyed India, best advice to them would be not to morally comment on ‘Make in India’. We can understand that after a long vacation, Rahul Gandhi will not exactly know the concept of ‘Make in India’ and it is for the poor of India.”

Ram Kripal Yadav slamming Rahul asked, “Did he ever bother to ask and visit the Amethi farmers’ conditions?”

Shiromoni Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal said, “People are aware of Rahul Gandhi’s drama”.

Rahul single-handedly took on the Narendra Modi government on the Land Bill after his return. He first addressed the Kisan rally and then raised the issue in the Lok Sabha.

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