Rahul lashes out at ‘inactive’ Election Commission


Kolkata: On the day of Municipal results, the state president of BJP, Rahul Sinha addressed the press and said that the result sheet of the polls are nothing but a reflection of the ongoing hooliganism within the state. He said that the police and the central forces which were deployed did not ensure safety and free and fair polls on April 18 and 25.  He had even pointed his finger towards the Election Commission for failing to carry out violent-free voting on the aforesaid two days.

Rahul was somehow seen a bit happy with BJP’s result in Kolkata. Compared to last time’s 6 seats, BJP has gone on to take 7 seats in 2015. He feels that this would get reflected in large numbers in the days to come. On the other hand Siddharth Singh, another Central BJP minister who is in charge of West Bengal state BJP has commented that TMC has shown that losers cheat and they have always cheated

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