Rahul is stable: Subir Ganguly, Jt Secy, CAB


Kolkata: The health condition of cricketer Rahul Ghosh, who has been hospitalised post sustaining a hit on the head during a second division league match, is stable. Ghosh, who is being treated at a private hospital in Kolkata, sustained injuries at the back of his head next to the ear when he was trying to stop a ball in the cover region.

CAB official Subir Ganguly said Ghosh’s condition is quite okay. “He’ll be under observation for 24 hours,” he added. Ghosh has been kept under strict medical observation for the next 24 hours.

“He has blood clot on one side of the head. After 24 hours, his head will be scanned then the doctor would be able to give reports. He is stable as of now,” said Amitabh Ghosh, the injured cricketer’s father.

Tragedy struck Indian cricket earlier on Monday when 20-year-old player Ankit Keshri died following an on-field collision with a team mate during a club match in Kolkata on April 17.

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