“Rahul Gandhi took MP’s salary on leave”


New Delhi: RSS mouthpiece has alleged that congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi claimed his MP’s salary and availed benefits during his 56-day leave of absence in February-March.The report  expose “Rahul gets pay without work” was published in the latest edition of Organizer.

While common people would be stripped of their salary for being absent from office for 56 days, Rahul Gandhi not only gets his salary but is not even docked even a single day’s pay,” said the report.A Member of Parliament is entitled to a salary of Rs 50,000 per month and allowance of Rs 2,000 when the Parliament is in session. However, to avail the benefits MPs have to sign in a register maintained for the purpose.

“Yet, despite an absence that was recorded publicly — by the media, by the people in his constituency, by the absence of any signature in the register kept in Parliament — Mr Gandhi was still paid his full salary of Rs 50,000, along with the daily stipend,” said the Organizer report.

He not only left the session. He didn’t even bother to inform the house or his constituency voters about his whereabouts. Being a public person, he is paid from the public exchequer,the report said.