‘Not A Surgical Strike On Black Money, But On The Poor’

  • Modi ji’s decision has affected crores of youth.
  • Vaghela told me, Modi ji is a super event planner. He will make an event out of everything.
  • Even words can’t be heard properly through phones, Modi is planning to transact money through it. Is this Modi’s Cashless economy?
  • Cashless economy must not be forced upon.
  • Rahul Gandhi hits back at PM, wants him to first tell what was contained in “10 packets” received from Sahara.Black money is with those people who accompany you to foreign tours, not with the people in queues.
  • Everyday our farmers are committing suicide, we went to the PM with these problems, but the PM did not say even one word
  • Modi ji said that corruptors are standing in the bank lines, but I saw poor civilians instead.
  • I asked Modi about corruption in Gujarat. But he chose to mock me instead of replying.
  • You have demeaned the efforts and hard earned money of the farmers and labour section. You have no right to do this.
  • How many black money holders have been put in jail by Modiji? Not even one; he instead made Modi(lalit) and Mallya run away
  • Did Modi deposit Rs.15 lakh in any civilian’s account? Tell me the name of any black money holder who has been jailed
  • It is not a surgical strike on black money, but on the lives of the common poor.

Bahraich: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi takes a jibe at Modi’s demonetization decision at a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich.