Rahul Gandhi & Rohith’s Mother Lift their Hunger Strike


Hyderabad: Rahul Gandhi and Rohith Vemula’s mother put an end to their Hunger Strike at Hyderabad University. Both Rahul and Rohith’s Mother had a glass of water.

Gandhi, who sat on fast along with the protesting students at the Hyderabad Central University, said, “My main opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS is that they are trying to crush the spirit of Indian youngsters by imposing one idea from on top. Please speak about your idea, talk about your idea, put the ideas in the market place of ideas and if all the students accept your (Modi) idea, then I am fine with it.”

After addressing the students, Rahul and Rohith’s mother ended their hunger strike. Activist and Professor Kancha Ilaiah offered juice to Gandhi and Rohith’s mother to end their day-long strike.

The students have been agitating after Rohith Vemula, a Dalit PhD student at the university, committed suicide by hanging himself in his room.

Rohith and five other students were suspended by the university in connection with an alleged attack on an ABVP leader.

On January 18, Gandhi had made his first visit to the university, a day after Rohith committed suicide. That day, he had promised complete support to their agitation.