Rahul Gandhi a ‘Commission Agent’: Swamy

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Ahmedabad: Stroking controversy again, BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy on Thursday dubbed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, a ‘commission agent’ and said the Enforcement Directorate must trace all the financial transaction oh his company.

“Rahul Gandhi is a commission agent. What does he do? I want to know. Except for scream at a meeting and go off for a vacation. Can any politician ever go for one and a half months without a trace? What kind of a politician is that?” Swamy told ANI.

“I couldn’t understand why this man ( Rahul Gandhi) who is a Member of Parliament and (Congress) vice-president wants to have a company set up in England. The Enforcement Directorate must have to start looking at this very carefully,” he said.

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“I have written to the Prime Minister saying the Enforcement Directorate should be put on this job and asked to trace all the transactions this company has done with any other company,” he added.

Swamy also came up with a fresh allegation against Congress president Sonia Gandhi, saying she has about two and a half lakh crores rupees in a bank account in Zurich.

“I would say that the amount of money in Sonia Gandhi’s bank account is about two and a half lakh crores. I have been told this by knowledgeable sources. There is one back account where Sonia Gandhi has money and that is Sarasin Bank in Zurich. The Enforcement Directorate has all these information but they are not being asked to investigate,” he said.