Rahman Asked To Go Pak For His Comment On Gauri Lankesh Murder

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Mumbai: In the current climate, it is dangerous for a public figure to voice an opinion. No matter what they say, there are always thousands of people who disagree with them.

This disagreement turns into vile abuse and unlimited trolling on social media due to the anonymity the platforms provide. When ace music composer AR Rahman was asked what he thought of the cold-blooded murder of Bengaluru based journalist Gauri Lankesh at the premiere of his upcoming film One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film, he answered, ” If these things happen in India, then it is not my India.

I want my India to be progressive and kind.” The answer ended up evoking varied response from Twitterati and some of them were vile and nothing could justify the trolling that followed. Rahman was trolled right, left and centre on Facebook and Twitter.

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As it goes with Muslims taking a stand in a public domain, Rahman was asked to go to Pakistan in no time. One Twitter user did not even take the name of the country he was asking Rahman to go to. He merely insinuated and said, “Then go to your Country!!”

One other said that Rahman had started showing his true colours after all, “Till yesterday it was ur India which gave u fame and status. now one murder and its not ur India.cheapster.dats ur true color.”

Others tended towards whataboutery – the classic “where were you when such and such happened”. “I always think why there is no outrage, condensation from these bollywood stars when leftists , naxal sympathetic abuses india,hindus,PM,” said one.