‘Raees’ Release Banned In Pakistan


Islamabad: The release of the Indian movie Raees, which was scheduled to hit Pakistani cinemas on Sunday, was on Monday banned for its “inappropriate” portrayal of Muslims. Rumours about the Mahira Khan and Shah Rukh Khan starrer releasing in Pakistan were ripe for the past one week.

However, according to Dawn News, the Central Censor Board decided not to release the film in Pakistan.

Sources in the know of the development told Dawn the reason behind it was that “the content undermines Islam, and a specific religious sect, (It also) portrays Muslims as criminals, wanted persons and terrorists”.

Earlier, the film was in turbulent waters owing to the sour relations between Pakistan and India. Pakistani artistes were banned by certain outfits in India, due to which Mahira was not able to promote the film in India.

The film was scheduled to release in the neighbouring country after the ban on Bollywood films was lifted recently. The news had brought much happiness to its cast and crew, which was gearing up for the film’s big opening on Pakistani theaters on February 10.

Mahira Khan, who finally promoted the film through a video call while interacting with Indian media in Mumbai recently, spoke about how people in Pakistan were eagerly waiting for its release. “You know there are more SRK fans than mine. Claps were louder for him, not me. It will release in Pakistan, and everybody is waiting,” she had said.

Last week, Bollywood film Kaabil released in Pakistan after a months-long self-imposed ban by exhibitors was lifted.


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