Radhika Vemula Gets Vocal on Son’s Death


Hyderabad: Radhika Vemula, mother of Rohith Vemula, has become vocal demanding a neutral probe on her son’s suicide. Radhika would join a rally tomorrow, which will head towards Hyderabad University in protest of Vemula’s suicide and its aftermath.

On the other hand, seven students have been admitted to hospital as they were observing a hunger strike on this same issue. These students are observing a hunger strike since last four days in Hyderabad University campus protesting Rohith’s death and the dirty politics surrounding it. Although, students are not ready to lift the hunger strike which they would continue till justice is served.

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Radhika broke her silence on Saturday, and now she wants to join the rally demanding justice for her son’s death. She would join the ongoing movement actively, now. Students Joint Action Committee (SJAC) is going to organize a rally named ‘Chalo HCU’ on Monday demanding a neutral probe which is getting louder with each passing day. Radhika also met Rosy John the NSUI President at the university campus.