‘Radha-Krishna Won’t Remain Criminal Anymore’


Kolkata: “Landmark verdict by Supreme Court of India. It was supposed to come years before now. It feels good that Radha-Krishna would not be a criminal anymore. Vaisnab Padabali will not be responsible for being the pioneer. “, says literary person Ranjan Banerjee.

A novel of Buddhadeb Basu ‘Raat Bhor Brishti’ was termed with adultery touch which was a matter of sorrow to the writer. Later the court given verdict in favor of him.

“Every individual has their choice to live their life whom they want with. But certain norms has limited people to use their self-discretionary decision. Extra Marital affair sometime helps to live a healthy life. But it depends on people.”, he said this explaining the issue.

After the top court verdict, Ranjan Banerjee talking to Kolkata 24X7.com said all above comments in a statement. The Supreme Court of India on September 27 has given historical verdict and said that “Adultery is not a criminal offence. It is a landmark verdict.” 497 is unconstitutional now.