Raade Maa discloses her secret about Red ‘Mini-Skirt’


Mumbai: Self-styled 'godwoman' Radhe Maa, accused in a dowry harassment case in an exclusive interview to TOI has revealed her secret of sporting that Red Dress which sparked off controversy all over India.  Sunny-lover Raadhe Maa said that she was on a trip with a group of families that were her devotees and are very close to her. “They gave me those clothes and wanted me to wear them. There is nothing wrong in those clothes nor are they obscene. And who told you sadhus and sadhvis have to dress in a particular manner? I listen to my bhakts and if they are happy I am happy,” she said.

Radhe Maa, who answered the questions through her interlocutor Sanjeev Gupta as she was "deep in meditation", insisted that she dressed in whatever clothes her devotees give her. “They dress me up and they apply the makeup." She went on to say that the pictures were made viral in the social media just to malign her.“It was wrong of them (media). I am very offended by this behaviour,” she added. She alleged that she does not have enough bank balance. “I have only Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakh with me. You can get the CBI to investigate this and I can promise you that even they won't find anything.”