On R-Day, PM Modi Writes For 27 ASEAN Newspapers


New Delhi: This morning, citizens of 10 ASEAN countries awoke to read Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s op-ed on the “historic milestone” that the visit of their heads of state to India is. PM’s op-ed was published in a total of 27 newspapers and in 10 languages.

In his piece, Modi talked about the India-ASEAN countries’ partnership that will be of “great promise for their (nations’) 1.9 billion people, (or) about one-fourth of humankind. He talked of India’s centuries-old ties with its eastern neighbours and said the future of these ties looks even more promising.

“Indians have always looked East to see the nurturing sunrise and the light of opportunities. Now, as before, the East, or the Indo-Pacific region, will be indispensable to India’s future and our common destiny,” wrote the PM.

“India and Asean nations have relations free from contests and claims. We have a common vision for the future, built on commitment to inclusion and integration, belief in sovereign equality of all nations irrespective of size, and support for free and open pathways of commerce and engagement,” wrote PM Modi in his piece.