On R-Day, Pakistan Backed ‘Black Day’ Campaign In London


London: When  India was busy to celebrate its 69th Republic Day, a Pakistan backed ‘Black Day’ campaign which was organised outside the Indian High Commission in Central London.

According to the Black Day organisers, led by Lord Nazir Ahmed, a pro-Pakistan baron in the House of Lords, they were protesting the oppression of Kashmiris in India and wanted an Azad Kashmir.

On R-Day Hundreds of demonstrators led by Lord Nazir called for independence for Kashmir as well for Khalistan.

They were met by an equal number of counter-protesters and soon scuffles broke out, leading to police intervention.

“I am here today to tell Lord Nazir that they are asking for independence for my state of J&K but I want freedom from Pakistan sponsored terrorism, ceasefire violations, and their proxy war,” said an Indian activist and writer from the state of Jammu and Kashmir based in London.

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