Quirky Gadgets Of 2018: Suitcase You Can Ride


Las Vegas: Consumer Electronic Show is now in its final day and we found some rare gadgets that all of us would love to own. In fact, over the years, these quirky gadgets have been the big draw of CES, though a lot of these gadgets never end up getting to a consumer stage. Here is our pick of the best gadgets you might never get your hands on.


This suitcase wants to change the way the world travels — from with a luggage to on luggage. A standard size carry on case with 1700 cubic inches of stowage space, the Modobag can actually carry a person of up to 117 kg for a distance of 8 miles. The bag can do up to 8 miles per hour, not that you can go any faster in airports. The case comes with two USB charging ports and a removable Nanosafe battery. Ideal for the elderly and the immobile, this Modobag comes with GSM and GPS tracking. However, all this convenience will cost you $1050 at least.

Mira Prism

This $99 device uses your smartphone to put augmented reality in front of your eyes, quite literally. Though still in pre-order stage and waiting for apps that make use of the platform, Mira Prism can open up holographic content like never before. There is an app that lets you access the content at the moment, and it is compatible with Apple iPhone 6s and versions that came afterwards. In the box is a Daydream-like controller and the headset with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Orbi 360-degree video recording eyewear

This CES wearable tech product honouree brings 360-degree video recording to eyewear. Expected to start shipping in August, the Orbi has four wide angle cameras with Panomorph lenses, a 1230 mAh Li-Po battery, flash memory and wireless connectivity. The eyewear has polycarbonate polarised lenses and these are scratch-resistant. The offering includes a video stitching and editing software that allows easy sharing to social media.

Flow personal air quality tracker

From the creators of the popular Plume app comes the Flow personal air quality tracker, which has sensors for PM2.5, PM10, VOCs and NO2. The 70g device is small and can hang off your bag. It comes with 30 hours of battery life and connects to both iOS and Android devices. You will need a charging dock to power it up. No pricing has been announced yet.