‘Questioned MP’s Lifestyle, He Reached Out To My Company’


Kolkata: Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee has been accused of threatening to fire the CPM worker who questioned him for his ‘expensive lifestyle’. The CPM worker alleged that party Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee had complained to his company after he allegedly posed a question to the legislator on his “expensive lifestyle”.

Earlier this month, Ritabrata Banerjee had uploaded a picture of himself sporting a Mont Blanc pen and an Apple smart watch. A 24-year-old CPM worker, who did not wish to be identified, then commented on the photo and sought to know how Banerjee paid for it. The communist ideology dictates modest living. It is then that Banerjee allegedly tried to influence his company, said the CPM worker. “Days after commenting on his Facebook post, I got a call from my office saying the MP has lodged a complaint against me with the human resources department. This is ridiculous and unbecoming of an MP. I have also lodged a complaint against him with the state CPM secretary Surjyakanta Mishra,” the Banglore-based youth said.

The allegation that Banerjee tried to influence a company soon gained traction on social media. Banerjee soon deactivated his Facebook account. “Once that happened, he shot off another letter to my company asking them not to act against me,” said the man.

Lok Sabha MP and Politburo leader Mohammad Salim said, “Everyone has the right to express their opinions on social media. But it is not acceptable if one fails to accept his/her own fault and then try to take away his/her job.”

Reacting to this, Sitaram Yechury said, “Proper measures would be taken after looking into the matter. Left Front is a transparent party and hence all work within the party is conducted with transparency. If there lies any mistake, then that would be rectified.”

CPM state secretary Surjyakanta Mishra did not comment on the matter. A few party insiders said Banerjee was reprimanded for sporting such expensive items in public. He is also likely to receive a showcause notice from the party. But many others question the veracity of the purported complaint.

“If he really had to file a complaint against the said party worker then he would have done it with a Rajya Sabha MP letterhead,” said one party. Another believed the mail to be fake citing incorrect grammar and other errors that Banerjee, a post-graduate in English, could not have made.

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